Right to Information is an act of the Parliament of India which sets out the Rules and Procedures regarding a citizen’s right to receive information. This Act requires every Public Authority to proactively disclose certain categories of information, so that citizens need minimum recourse to request for information formally.

The basic objective of the Right to Information Act is to empower the citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the working of the Government, contain corruption and make our democracy work ‘for the people’ in the real sense. This Act is a big step towards making citizens informed about the activities of the Government.

RTI in the Cooperative Department:

In the office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, RTI petitions are received on a regular basis from the public who seek information about the working of different entities in the Cooperative Department, requesting records, details, Circulars etc. If the information sought pertains to a particular office or a society in a specific district, the petition is immediately transferred under Section 6(1) of the RTI Act to that particular Regional Joint Registrar office for further action.

Designations of FAA, PIO and APIO in Coop Dept

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